Friday, 21 December 2012

Entry #9

So far, this week has been pretty rough as we've been dealing with very bad weather and also had to cancel three shoots, one of them due to the ugly weather. We've still got three more shoots scheduled for this week, but even with what we have so far I'm very pleased with the outcome of some great footage! Tonight we shot a short scene toward the end of the film with Caleb Scanlan returning in his role as Officer Frank Kahana.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Entry #8

We had a really awesome first week of production as we had two long shoots on Monday and Tuesday night, and another shoot on Friday night. The extras were all fantastic and while we weren't able to film every single shot originally scheduled down, it was better to take time and make all the shots we could do really well instead of trying to rush through them all just to get them done. I'll be uploading the first in our line of video logs soon with some awesome behind the scenes footage, but in the mean time here are a few photos from our second night of shooting. Things are looking to be going very very well!

 - Actor Chris Oldman prepares for a scene
 - Extras look up in awe during a key shot in the film
 - Manning the jib to get a smooth shot
 - I assist actors Phil Regina and Caleb Scanlan in making sure their uniforms are camera ready
 - Actor Caleb Scanlan leaps into action
 - Directing actor Phil Regina
 - Actors Caleb Scanlan as Officer Frank Kahana and Phil Regina as Officer Keith Ledesma
 - Getting in close for the perfect angle
 - Actors and extras on set
 - Operating the scissor lift on set
 - "Officer Kahana" helps get people to safety
 - Iopu Scanlan and Aubrey Robbins getting to places on set
 - Extra Rebekah Sokolowski and I on set
 - "Officer Ledesma" exits his police vehicle
- Cast and crew of 12-11-12 shoot

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Entry #7

Prodcution is now kicking into high gear as we prepare for our first film shoot tomorrow night! There's a lot going on in preparation for this big shoot, and we have a great group of people helping us with everything. On friday, I went to the shoot sight to do a very brief testing of the lights on the street. We need just a little more tweaking, but we yielded some pretty interesting results.

The scene will look much more lively once we have our extras all in the shot. Also, our prop and costume designer, Vanesa Furnari, is nearly complete with our life-size prop of the giant's hand which will be present at Tuesday night's shoot. Things are starting to fall into place, and as filming goes on there will be a lot more updates coming on the blog!

Friday, 30 November 2012

Entry #6

Things are very much starting to kick into high gear. We are moving towards set cast now and I'm extremely excited. Last night we held chemistry auditions for the all of the potential candidates we had for each character and Aubrey Robbins and Aaron Madiraga will be playing the roles of Rachel and Luke. We still are undecided as to who will be playing Jack.

Our first large scale shoot is scheduled for December 10th. This is the big climactic scene in which the giant is standing in the middle of a neighborhood street. We are filming on a street in Ewa that has some very picturesque housing. Last night I stopped by and took a few shots, and the pictures came out great even without any extra lighting! so I'm even more excited to see how great we can make it look with the right equipment. The only issue we face right now is to find out how we are going to get two cop cars in the scene.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Entry #5

Due to a family emergency, there was a week-long hold on the pre production of Peter and the Colossus, but we are now back and running in full force. Production is going to be a close call with filming being pushed back an entire week, but it's still very much doable, I'm not getting anxious just yet. We have our cast nearly complete, but one of our actors playing an important supporting role has stepped off from the project due to conflicting schedules, so we've been forced to do a last-minute search for a replacement. We've contacted several agencies around the island and put a new ad up and will be holding another round of auditions specifically for this character next week Wednesday. Vanesa Furnari is working hard on the giant's costume, and also on the life-size replica of his finger that we need for the climactic scene at the end in the street. I'll try to keep more updates coming, as a lot of exciting things are starting to happen. Until then, have a happy thanksgiving!