Monday, 17 December 2012

Entry #8

We had a really awesome first week of production as we had two long shoots on Monday and Tuesday night, and another shoot on Friday night. The extras were all fantastic and while we weren't able to film every single shot originally scheduled down, it was better to take time and make all the shots we could do really well instead of trying to rush through them all just to get them done. I'll be uploading the first in our line of video logs soon with some awesome behind the scenes footage, but in the mean time here are a few photos from our second night of shooting. Things are looking to be going very very well!

 - Actor Chris Oldman prepares for a scene
 - Extras look up in awe during a key shot in the film
 - Manning the jib to get a smooth shot
 - I assist actors Phil Regina and Caleb Scanlan in making sure their uniforms are camera ready
 - Actor Caleb Scanlan leaps into action
 - Directing actor Phil Regina
 - Actors Caleb Scanlan as Officer Frank Kahana and Phil Regina as Officer Keith Ledesma
 - Getting in close for the perfect angle
 - Actors and extras on set
 - Operating the scissor lift on set
 - "Officer Kahana" helps get people to safety
 - Iopu Scanlan and Aubrey Robbins getting to places on set
 - Extra Rebekah Sokolowski and I on set
 - "Officer Ledesma" exits his police vehicle
- Cast and crew of 12-11-12 shoot

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