Friday, 30 November 2012

Entry #6

Things are very much starting to kick into high gear. We are moving towards set cast now and I'm extremely excited. Last night we held chemistry auditions for the all of the potential candidates we had for each character and Aubrey Robbins and Aaron Madiraga will be playing the roles of Rachel and Luke. We still are undecided as to who will be playing Jack.

Our first large scale shoot is scheduled for December 10th. This is the big climactic scene in which the giant is standing in the middle of a neighborhood street. We are filming on a street in Ewa that has some very picturesque housing. Last night I stopped by and took a few shots, and the pictures came out great even without any extra lighting! so I'm even more excited to see how great we can make it look with the right equipment. The only issue we face right now is to find out how we are going to get two cop cars in the scene.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Entry #5

Due to a family emergency, there was a week-long hold on the pre production of Peter and the Colossus, but we are now back and running in full force. Production is going to be a close call with filming being pushed back an entire week, but it's still very much doable, I'm not getting anxious just yet. We have our cast nearly complete, but one of our actors playing an important supporting role has stepped off from the project due to conflicting schedules, so we've been forced to do a last-minute search for a replacement. We've contacted several agencies around the island and put a new ad up and will be holding another round of auditions specifically for this character next week Wednesday. Vanesa Furnari is working hard on the giant's costume, and also on the life-size replica of his finger that we need for the climactic scene at the end in the street. I'll try to keep more updates coming, as a lot of exciting things are starting to happen. Until then, have a happy thanksgiving!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Entry #4

The cast for the film is nearly finalized. We have a great lineup of people and simply need to have the chemistry auditions in order to narrow it down to exactly who we want. We need the relationships between the characters in the film to be real, so actors with good chemistry is essential. We are also still working on finalizing some locations and have a few meetings with property owners coming up next week. On Wednesday, I was able to meet up with our prosthetic and costume designer Vanesa Furnari. We discussed further details on how the construction of the costume for the giant would go, and agreed on a method of payment. I'm very much looking forward to working with her. The only problem we seem to be facing right now is not having a set person we want to play Peter, which is a pretty big deal.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Entry #3

Today is November 1st, so starting from now, there will be regular updates on the blog regarding the status of how the production of Peter and the Colossus is doing. We have recently finished our campaign on with successfully raising much of the budget, and we still have a few other people who will be contributing to investing in the film's budget as well. In regards to the cast, we are still in the process of trying to find the right people to play the lead roles, but we will keep you updated with that as we find the right people. The first day of filming is scheduled for November 26th, and there's still plenty of work to be done before we begin production! In the following weeks leading up to the 26th, we will be mainly scouting locations. As we finalize our decisions, I will be posting them here on the blog. This film is beginning to kick into high gear!