Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Entry #5

Due to a family emergency, there was a week-long hold on the pre production of Peter and the Colossus, but we are now back and running in full force. Production is going to be a close call with filming being pushed back an entire week, but it's still very much doable, I'm not getting anxious just yet. We have our cast nearly complete, but one of our actors playing an important supporting role has stepped off from the project due to conflicting schedules, so we've been forced to do a last-minute search for a replacement. We've contacted several agencies around the island and put a new ad up and will be holding another round of auditions specifically for this character next week Wednesday. Vanesa Furnari is working hard on the giant's costume, and also on the life-size replica of his finger that we need for the climactic scene at the end in the street. I'll try to keep more updates coming, as a lot of exciting things are starting to happen. Until then, have a happy thanksgiving!

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